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Alhamdulilah wassalatu wassalaam ala RasoolALlah.
This is the perfect place to help you explore a vast treasure of textual articles, audios & visual resources on Islam, Quran, Hadith and associated subjects in Roman Urdu. Easy navigation through categories options will  help you enrich on different Topics and the topic in which you are confused. You can also install our Android Application from which you can carry this site on ur device and share easily through Whats App and many more social networks.

Please check that:

۩ I am free from every that saying or action which is said by me, which goes
against the Quraan, authentic Hadeeth and Ijmaa. Wallahu ghafoor ur-raheem.

۩ I resile from whatever mistake is done by me in the Tahqeeq of any of My Articles. May Allah shower his mercy upon the one who points out to me
my mistakes.


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Please do make Dua for all the people involved in bringing this blog and its contents to you. Happy Exploring 🙂

  1. kya firka wariat jaiz hai islam ma????


    • Nops.. In Islam there is no entitlement acceptance for the forgiveness. which is stated in several verses of Quran. Please recite Holy Quran Daily with translation for further details and clarification and comply the order of Rasool Allah. Peace Be Upon Him..


  2. Asslaamualaikum,
    This is an awesome app full of knowledge. MashaAllah you guys are doind an awesome job.
    May The Blessings Of Allah Be With You Always. 🙂


  3. Assalamualaikum warahamatullah,
    you guys are awesome,, just keep the good work up…may Allah subhanuhu accept this action of yours and reward a higher rank in jannah.


  4. Please advice me about pardah if a women is working


  5. https://iqrakitab.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/rasoolallah-kis-firqe-se-the/amp/

    Is article me tahqeeq ki zarurat hai.
    Quran o hadees ka galat faham liya gaya hai.
    Muhaqqiq ulema se puchye
    جزاك ٱللّه


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